Prior to First Due Size Up, the ToNH building commissioner was challenged with Fire Service specific communications. The building commissioner would often receive calls at all hours of the day and night from various fire chiefs asking for information about the property and structure. This meant someone from the Town would be on the road out to the scene to help. As well, they are challenged by complying with the new light-weight construction legislation requiring the building department to notify the Fire Chief of such conditions. With 19 different fire districts and chiefs to notify this was a near impossible task to accomplish.

Now with First Due Size Up, the fire service related data is available to the Town of North Hempstead Fire Districts anytime, anywhere on any device. The Fire Districts will also be automatically be notified of any light-weight or truss construction throughout the Town jurisdiction

The Town of North Hempstead is now compliant with the new light-weight construction notification law with no additional work or cost. The amount of time spent on the road visiting the scene to help provide information to the fire chief on various properties and structures has been dramatically reduced. And all members of the Town Building Department and Town Council are proud to participate in the data sharing movement creating safer communities.